This is an apparently simple instrument that most parents think is very good for their children.  It has enjoyed the same popularity with children as spinach or brussel sprouts.  In other words please only let your child have recorder lessons if they want to play the recorder!  It is a beautiful instrument that is easy to play at first and then gets progressively complex.  I have refined my technique and specialise in this instrument.  After nearly 30 years of studying this instrument, I still have yet to learn everything about each recorder in a large family of instruments spanning hundreds of years of history and developments.  It is because of my love for this instrument that I continue to be inspired to teach, practise and perform with it.  I tend to start children out on the soprano/descant recorder teaching them the practical aspects (caring for and playing the instrument) as well as music theory (how to read and write music).  Once skills on one instrument have been suitably developed, I encourage the learning of other members of the recorder family and I help choose repertoire for the student based on age, skill and -most important- practice time and motivation.

… and thinke it not a smalle thinge to have lerned to playe on the pype or the recorder.

Nicholas Udall (1504-1556)