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I love teaching each unique student who needs things explained or shown in the way that specifically works for him or her.  Integrating this newly learnt material is magnificent.


Applause is one of my favourite sounds.  Being on my own on the stage or playing with other musicians is awesome and having people there to witness and share this beauty is a privilege.


I constantly need to learn something new.  The joy of working as a musician and as a Feldenkrais teacher means I get to learn new things every day.

  • “Raphi loves the fun ball games you play in piano class!”

    Brigitte Mother
  • “Valentina really enjoys the funny polystyrene roller you put under her feet!”

    Ingrid Mother
  • “Kim really enjoys her weekly piano and recorder lessons with you!  She values the attention that you give her and the way she feels accepted no matter how hard or little she practised.  She always seems relaxed and happy when she comes home from lessons with you”

    Verena Mother
  • "Gail is so patient."

    Maria Adult Music Student
  • “You can really see how much you care about your students, and that makes me feel good as a dad.”

    Bart Dad
  • “Klara really doesn’t practise much but she seems to be making steady progress.  She always tells me the funny things that happened in her lessons.”

    Birgit Mother
  • “Thank you for bringing back Alex’s love of music out of the dark and for helping Emily to blossom on the sax.” 

    Miranda Mother